Review: ‘Froot’ (2015) – Marina & the Diamonds

The wonderful Claire Roberts gives her thoughts on the new Marina & the Diamonds album. Have a read, would ya?


-by Claire

The voice of Welsh-Greek singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis is an acquired taste. Reviews of her first two albums demonstrate its divisiveness; to some, Diamandis’ voice is ‘resonant, operatic’ and ‘expressive’, and to others it has a ‘horrible vibrato’ that indicates an ‘unquenchable desire to shriek’. Froot may not be Diamandis’ most instantly ear-catching album, but the listener who takes time to absorb the lyrics will notice a vulnerability that softens Diamandis’ usually melodramatic vocals. The album’s playfully-contrived title is misleading; this is not another The Family Jewels (2010) of eccentric indie-pop, nor another high-concept attack on the American Dream like Electra Heart (2012), but a wistful expression of heartbreak that is weakened by a few forgettable tracks.

Froot opens with ‘Happy’, a ballad which initially sounds discordant and under-produced but progresses into an interesting ballad about loneliness and the quest for self-actualisation. There’s not much time to…

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