Fortitude News: Foals Return With Cryptic Teaser Video.

Yannis and co. are back (Via

Yannis and co. are back (Via

Foals have announced their return with a new cryptic teaser video. With 12 seconds of footage and barely two seconds of music, the teaser admittedly isn’t much to go on.

What is shown, however, is gripping and slightly unnerving. A rather intense looking Yannis Philippakis and the rest of the math-rock turned funk-rock outfit run amuck in a small room, and look as dangerous as ever. From a 12 second glance, it all seems a lot fresher from the Oxford boys. Yannis has his t-shirt tucked him and Jimmy has had a haircut. Yet, there’s something quite punk about it all, as Yannis looks down the camera lens and screams over an explosion of noise.

That’s that then. A follow up to 2013’s tumultuous Holy Fire is just around the corner. Foals are back.

Watch the teaser video below.

For Fortitude Magazine:


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