DrunkenWerewolf Introducing: Quigley.

She's gathering hype... (via zippykid.net)

She’s gathering hype… (via zippykid.net)

Making a name for herself has come quite naturally to Minneapolis based singer songwriter Quigley. Gathering hype from press outlets like SPIN magazine, The Line Of Best Fit and others; Quigley’s oracular synth-pop sound is certainly something that warrants such attention. Mashing up the strong vocals of a pop artists with the rhythms and electro hooks of a modern day dance floor filler, there is much to enjoy about Quigley’s succulent songwriting.

Quigley takes the blueprint of electro-pop and dresses it in a plethora of genres ranging from soul, synth-pop and dance. As she herself describes on her Facebook page, her music comes under the genre of ‘pretty’. Her new track “Beginning Of Anything”, a collaborative piece with fellow Minneapolitan and producer Sombear, is a spring of electronic waves and poppy arpeggios. Taken from her debut EP Lnitium, “Beginning Of Anything” is a good place to start in discovering Quigley’s broad sound, as one of her more commercially moulded tracks. In a similar vein to the likes of FKA TwigsBanks, and Goldfrapp, the alluring “Lost Again” is a more fragmented and dynamic track to sink your teeth into and to get a grips with Quigley’s style.

Surpassing the press hype, Quigley is beginning to make waves with a sound that is both creative and refined. Keep your ears open for more from this captivating songstress. Her style, image and persona ooze charisma. And her music isn’t half-bad either.

For DrunkenWerewolf Magazine: http://www.drunkenwerewolf.com/blog/introducing-quigley/


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