Fortitude Album Review: Janet Devlin – Creatures Of The Night

Taking the phrase 'rose tinted lips' to a whole new level... (via

Taking the phrase ‘rose tinted lips’ to a whole new level… (via

The former X-Factor finalist’s candy floss brand of pop is a lulling treat for the ears.

It’s a bit dreamy, in all honesty. Janet Devlin’s little deep-dive into the world of fantasy and adventure with her new single ‘Creatures of the Night’ strikes up as a sugary, radio friendly pop score for the ages. The Northern Irish singer-songwriter’s latest single brings a vibrant flourish of folk influence and dainty pop fun.

The playful plodding-along of the Monster of Men style tune, characterised by chirpy guitars, clapping fills and vocal harmonies, builds up the rom-com likeness of the track. Taking the vivid impressions of the ‘Creatures of the Night’, Devlin paints a picture of fantasy and wonder, in a high-spirited track laden with tinkling loveliness. A hope filled tale of magic and imagination, Devlin lyrically proclaims that she ‘can see it all’ in the Darkness, as the folk-pop track slips into its climax, like hot treacle pudding.

While her sound is simple, it’s also difficult to pole holes in. Its a fully rounded, straight arrow shot at writing a pop song with all the appeal of a sack of puppies. Nobody is going to say no to that, are they? It does exactly what it says on the tin, and is therefore a success.

A far cry from her X-Factor days, Devlin’s sound now carries a personal stamp that seems destined to carry on lullabying and whistling away into the night, along with all the silhouetted creatures that follow her.

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