Single Review: You’re The Decoy – Different Air

You're The Decoy playing live. Looks like a sweaty one, doesn't it? (Via You're The Decoy's Facebook page)

You’re The Decoy playing live. Looks like a sweaty one, doesn’t it? (Via You’re The Decoy’s Facebook page)

Read to razor together a plump, punk-pop sound comes Pontefract rock-misfits You’re The Decoy and their new single, ‘Different Air’. Rifting along in senseless harmony, the rowdy quartet’s latest single promises many things.

Indeed, promising is one thing, and delivering is another. Whilst ‘Different Air’ boasts all the charm that a hearty self-produced track should, the overall digestion of the track comes off as a bit of a neatly assembled mess. On the surface, the pleasing off-beat guitar grooves add a burst of American flavour and energy to the music, only the be undermined by the soppy, cliched and wet-blanket lyrics. For example: “one touch // one pause // we can take this night”, rings off as more commonplace than in a sweet sounding.

With all the energy and tempo that the band provide, one cannot help but wonder what ‘Different Air’ could have sounded like with a bit more gravity. As an Americanised stylisation of a punk-pop song, the track falls directly between every other punk-pop track going, and becomes lost in the ever-saturated mesh of bands whittled from the same core. Ironically, ‘Different Air’ sounds like a boxed in, breathless affair between a band and their misbehaving instruments.

Despite my grumpiness, You’re The Decoy are not a band to be completely written off just yet. In terms of chemistry, the mixture of rhythms and vocal to-and-fros ‘Different Air’ brings to the table, the threads of what could become a promising young band are beginning to weave together, albeit slowly.

*Originally posted by No-Title Magazine*


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