Piskie Sits – Creature Feature LP Review.

Wakefield’s own Piskie Sits have returned with a pressing of eager surf rock divulges and bass-laden strokes that California-in and warm your cockles in the increasingly chilled Yorkshire weather.

Intertwining a gamut of whiney vocals, sparkling licks and broad riffs, Piskie Sits champion the heavy 1990s rock influences of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and, in parts, the grungey altitudes of Sonic Youth. Quirky song titles such as ‘Feat. Pharrell Williams’ and ‘Young, Dumb And Full Of It’ playfully tease referenced pop culture and youthful antics, interjecting character to their full, melodic sound.

Tracks like ‘This Good Is Bad’ and ‘Always The Crap Songs’ bungee a strong, explorational approach to guitar dynamics and vocal octaves, and sun-beam in fuzzy beats and crackling guitar trebles. Enquiring new timbres and textures, the song ‘Fin’ traps a lovely array of organ, piano and slowly picked, soft-headed guitar.

Despite the early ‘90s nostalgia, Piskie Sits uphold a style of song-writing that, although enjoyable, indefinably blurs into one. Flowing in an almost too formulaic sequence, the easy listening of skittish guitars and crashing rhythms becloud into a slightly dour affair. The insights into songs such as ‘Fin’ offer alternative values that are worth further exploring for the band.

On the whole, however, Piskie Sits offer a range of cheekiness, dry vocals and pounding guitar riffs. Sadly, the range that they offer doesn’t seem to be quite enough.

– See more at: http://notitlemagazine.com/piskie-sits-creature-feature-lp/#sthash.DWqPHi3r.dpuf


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