Pete Hook and The Light at The Cockpit, Leeds – Live Review.

After a successful tour in the United States, Peter Hook and The Light returned to the UK to perform New Order’s Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies, following last years dynamic showcasing of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer.

Disguised as the alias ‘Slaves of Venus’, Hooky and co. once again supported themselves, wielding a plethora of Joy Division songs that included ‘Atmosphere’, ‘She’s Lost Control’ and ‘Leaders of Men’. Just as the year before, Hooky’s take on Ian Curtis’s lyrics and vocals were hauntingly accurate, and were matched by the positive reactions and mood of the audience.

After a short interval, Hooky and The Light returned to the stage and hit the ground running with their main set, consisting of critically acclaimed New Order’s early material. Underpinned by dense reverb, evocative synthesizers and strong, razor-sharp bass lines, which Peter has made his trademark, the ram-packed Cockpit were treated to a new-wave addled vision of the past. Whilst Hooky carried the melodies on one bass, his son, Jack Bates, took charge of the majority of the bass lines, contributing an innate, natural chemistry to the bands mellifluous sound.

Whilst abiding to New Order’s distinctive song-writing style, Hooky maintained his own take on the songs. Tracks like ‘Truth’, ‘Age of Consent’ and ‘Your Silent Face’ grasped the threatening temper and electronic edge that made New Order, and Hooky, such a creative force in the post-Joy Division era.

Arguably, and at the risk of sounding cliche, the bands encore provided the highlights of the night. ‘Ceremony’, ‘Temptation’ and ‘Blue Monday’ were received with a chorus of cheers from the crowd, as the famous sequence of kick-drums and synths brought a close to the night. Loud, inspiring and unmistakably genius. Without doubt, after over thirty years in the business, Hooky’s still got it.


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