Middleman – Better Off Review.

Middleman’s palpable take on electro-rock and rap has turned our heads in the direction of their new single, ‘Better Off’. Like a doughy ball of scratchy, jerk-dance goodness, ‘Better Off’ combines all the production qualities of an edgy dance record, whilst sticking to a linear discourse of electronic-indie rock.

In a Breton-esque pattern, the crossovers between the swirling synthesisers and indie-laced guitar licks, matched with the pounding dynamism of the percussive sections, Middleman cradle a creation worthy of much merit. The problem with Middleman’s particular genre of music is that although the songs tend to be catchy, they also tend to get lost in the haze and hype of similar artists. In Middleman’s case, the rough and ready catapult of techno contemplation and creativity is much to be applauded.

“I can’t untangle the strands of this mess” barks singer Andy Craven-Griffiths. In stark contrast to this notion, the tune stands reasonably tidy. Simple pop structure, glazed in a twinkly electronic icing. From a simple transition, the prickly mould of alternative dough that Middleman started out with has been kneaded and baked into a well-risen electro pudding.

The cruel truth is, of course, we would not be better off without Middleman, as the songs theme suggests. We wouldn’t be better off at all.

– See more at: http://notitlemagazine.com/middleman-better-off/#sthash.4TVLv9ZO.dpuf


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