Mainline – Interstellar Rock ‘n’ Roll – Album Review.

Crashing drums, burning riffs and cracked vocals: they seem to be the norm, nowadays. One thing that modern day rock and roll has taught us is that the modern day rock formula hasn’t swayed far from its historic blueprint.

Accordingly, Mainline are proving that they are no exception to the rule with their new album Interstellar Rock n roll. Tracks like ‘Past Returns’ and ‘Cameras’ ignite a striking flush of guitar riffs and bass lines that screams biker bars, sweaty bandanas and the smell of motor oil and whiskey breath. The western-rockabilly influence is made complete by the dusty whistle of the harmonica on ‘One More Pleasure’, as well as a tabasco-spiced guitar lunges on ‘Move Me’ and ‘Do It All Again’.

Whilst fitting snugly and making easy listening, the broadness of Interstellar Rock n Roll becomes its own downfall. The crucial mark that takes an album from the ‘good’ to the ‘exceptional’ is barely a dot on the horizon for Mainline. Their music delivers a punchy, yet fearless cushion on a genre that is meant to scream anarchy and excitement.  On the whole, Mainline strike on only dead nerves and deaf ears with the range of their musical prowess.

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