I’m back, baby.

Hello all. I say ‘all’ in the hope that I do actually have any readers left. To cut a long, dreary story short, I’ve been busy. When I say I’ve been busy, of course it’s no excuse to ignore my blog in the way that I have been, especially when we had something special going, eh? Anyway, being a student keeps your free time to a painful minimal. As well as keeping busy with my studies, I’ve also been keeping busy writing for two very wonderful publications: Leeds-based No-Title Magazine, and national publication Fortitude Magazine. In every sense of the word, my writing, for now, has hit a different level. As well as conducting interviews, writing up and news and reviews, I’m involved in various dimensions and in various ways with these two magazines. 

Righty-o, then. Let’s get on with the real bulk of it. Basically, I’m about to update you with all of my work, most of which you will find at both of these publications. I will cite each publication accordingly, to flag up the appropriate publication and writing ownership rights. Despite my busier lifestyle, my ardent love affair with writing has not wavered, let me assure you. It’ll be good to get back to personally receiving your feedback and lovely comments. PREPARE FOR THE BOMBARDMENT.

Peace, and many thanks guys and girls.




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