Eyedress – Supernatural – EP Review.

If you thought that Eyedress’s debut EP was a psych-glazed trip deluge of defiance and angst, you’d be right. However, the Filipino-based producer paints an even fuller picture in his debut EP ‘Supernatural’.

Composing a glassy mix of electro swirls and punchy snares, Eyedress toys with the theme of rebellion and throws two fingers up at conformity. “I’ve been doing drugs ‘cause I don’t give a fuck” moans Eyedress, the guitarist of Garage-pop band Bee Eyes, on the opening track ‘Nature Tips’, before crashing down to a more anxious and colder tone, with “I just wanna forget everything that’s making me feel bad”. The subsequent mix of anger, desolation and vulnerability give a much denser vibe to Eyedress’s song-writing style.

Track 3, ‘Tokyo Ghost’, hardens the isolated texture created throughout the EP, whilst songs like ‘Nature Tips’ and ‘Biolumine’ capture the purer song-writing intention of Eyedress. A more experimental alter-ego is then brought out through the closing track ‘No Competition’. Splicing capricious electro twinges with reverberated beats and bass lines, the creative function and dynamic surface of Eyedress’s ethos becomes more and more apparent. Without relying on vocal melodies on ‘No Competition’, Eyedress immerses himself into a more comfortable sounding, yet chaotic style of production and song-writing.

EP Review: Eyedress – Supernatural

All in all, ‘Supernatural’ showcases a promising and unique production style that drips confidence and singularity. Keep an ear out for further releases and explorations from Manila’s electronic maestro.


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