Leaving Sheldon School: Tears, Countless Memories And The Reincarnation Of Wobbly Dubstep.

Although I’m only really speaking from a personal perspective, leaving Sheldon School, after seven hard years of grueling service, was difficult to say the least. All in all, the emotion that comes with the departure is dealt by everyone, but not always in the same way. Some cry, some laugh and some make noise-riddled dubstep tracks of their head of year shouting.

I don’t know, I guess leaving school is just another one of those teenage milestone that draws up an almost overly familiar layer of hormones and confusion. On the other hand, it was inevitable part of growing up and something that’s going to happen countless times, i.e. leaving university, leaving a workplace etc. Leaving the depressing aspects be, our adieu from Sheldon School was an opportunity to make some final lasting impressions of the place that saw us mature from screaming, petulant children to screaming, petulant adults. Thankfully, this was an opportunity that was grasped by both hands.

Regarding the ironic nature of the sports day activities and brain teasing, banter swallowing quiz, they sadly fell inferior to the achievements of the leavers assembly, and in particular, the leavers video. Yes, the speeches and musical exhibitions were all very jolly and well received, but I’m sure the majority will agree that the highlight of the day came from the handiwork of media practitioner and chillwave prodigy Ollie Judge with his out of character edit of our head of sixth form Mr Seeley. Instead of continuing the seemingly tedious chronology of basic interview mock ups created by previous leavers, the inspiration of a much more complex and daring project came into the making.

The vision of sixth form president Claire Roberts was wobbled into existence with the creation of ‘Dubstep Seeley’, the grand finale of the Sheldon School sixth form leavers of 2012. Armed with a grotesque wobble, clichéd off beat reverberated snare drum and an avalanche of bass, Dubstep Seeley met all the commonplace gimmicks of the rotting carcass of modern day dubstep. Even Judge himself shuddered at the prospect of creating such a monster before the idea had even reached the production stage.

Musically, ‘Dubstep Seeley’ was of sublime quality. In relation to personal taste, and perhaps the taste of a lot of people who have endured dubstep’s fall from grace thanks to such ‘artists’ ad Skrillex and Rusko, it was terrible. Nevertheless, ‘Dubstep Seeley’ had achieved its prime objective. Overall, the song summed up every little speck and shard of shrapnel that was memorable about Sheldon School and especially its sixth form. From the comedic screams of Mr Seeley, to the disjointed twine of teenage freedom and relationships forged during the seven irreplaceable years we spent there. Sheldon was never a seen exclusively as a place of serious study and learning, but more a canvas that we painted to match how Sheldon School shaped us as people.

We’ll take with us memories, larks and retrospective thoughts and ideas that will inevitably lead us to the adults we’re yet to become. Also, we have one hilariously unearthed song to remind us of just how chaotic our Sheldon days were.

For a split second during our leavers assembly, mainstream dubstep was finally given a reason to be cool again.


You can here our discussion on this tonight at 7:00pm on http://www.sparksite.co.uk


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