Album Review: Twin Empire – Debut EP.

Crisp, Clinical, and created in the confides of his bedroom. Twin Empire’s promising accolades have finally been formed into an assembled product.

Tearing himself away from the indie companionship of Aztec, Ollie Judge has taken his chillwave solo project to the new horizons, compiling a selection of tracks into a collective EP. Uploaded on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud, Twin Empire has evolved from his simple remixing today’s into a subtly provocative statement with his new release. Tracks such as ‘Ribbons’ convey the minimalist and signature Twin Empire concoction, taking quiet, hollowed synthesisers smudging over the offbeat trip of chilled beats and serene effects.

Bearing the modesty of tracks like ‘What I Want’ and the album’s opening track ‘intro’, blurring a scene and sense of the rest of the EP, Judge’s mechanics wrench an unwrinkled phoneme that broaden his project. Fluid undertones and unequal connections creating a synthesized caption of ‘silent noise’ that drones over the EP play the conventions of chillwave matched by artists such as Balam Acab and Mount Kimbie.

Overall, the EP practices the formulas set by similar artists striving to produce an underground alternative to electrical and chilled out genres. Although his product emulates a desire to structure himself on the evolving picture of chillwave, there is still more room for creative achievement. A distinction screams to be heard in his music that would give it that ounce of edge and versatility that would define Twin Empire as an ‘artist’.

Having said that, it’s work that comes from the likes of Ollie Judge that push yet more room and bring greater recognition to the title of ‘bedroom producer’. A little something not many people have heard, but definitely should do.


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