Seriously, Is There A Bigger Scumbag On Earth Than Piers Morgan?

Smarmy, self-assured and arrogant. If you asked Piers Morgan to describe himself in three words, irrefutably he would stretch out an immeasurable paragraph as to why he believes himself to be the most valuable resource that Earth has to offer. If this were true, I’m sure we’d have pressed more to find a way to immigrate to a different planet. What about him makes him one of the most controversial and disputed figures in Britain?

Recently, I have become one of the 2.1 Million people that follow Piers Morgan on Twitter. However, I’m following him for all of the wrong reasons, as I’m sure a sizable proportion of his followers are. Rather than to find out if he’s done his ironing or to see where CNN have shipped him off to, I follow Morgan to keep track of his endless Twitter arguments with other celebrities. BBC Football pundit Gary Lineker seems to be the latest target in which Morgan fires his venomous words at, thankfully, to no avail due to Lineker’s wit and fan base. More persistently, Morgan has carried on a feud with business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar, who have been at each others throats since December 2010.

These tweets seem to more of a bullying nature, rather than the velvet lexical formations of a world renowned journalist, as Morgan seems to try and provoke people such as Sugar and Lineker. Similarly, this needless plaguing and harassment mirrors Morgans interviewing style, which has again, been some subject to contention. Interviews with such public figures from this side of the Atlantic and over with out American cousins have seen their fair share of heat and vigor. In particular, Christine O’Donnell of the American Republican Party was forced to walk off her interview with Morgan on CNN due to his disrespectful, rude tone. From politicians to magicians, Penn Jilette, the larger half of Magic act Penn and Teller, came under scrutiny for his beliefs over religion. Jilette had discussed his atheist beliefs in his latest book, while Morgan, a raised Catholic, criticised Jilette’s closed mindedness.

Despite his personal ideology being his only tool to bring to the table to his guests, other than his excruciatingly obvious arrogance, there is more to be painted to the miserable painting of Piers Morgan. One aspect in particular emphasises the devil behind Morgans celebrity status. The 2004 Iraqi photo hoax lead to Morgan being sacked from The Mirror newspaper. Morgan, as the editor of the paper, published “crude hoax photographs” of the Queens Lancashire Regiment abusing and beating Iraqi prisoners. Consqeuently, Morgans actions in publishing these photographs, given the sensitivity of the subject at the time and also due to the obvious questionability regarding the validity of the photo’s, and lead to his dismissal from The Mirror. Morgan’s actions prompted Iraqi revenge attacks on British forces over in Iraq which left some British troops dead. Why Morgan was never trialled for his traceable involvement in a hoax story that lead to the deaths of innocent British soldiers, I will never know.

I can slag off Piers Morgan until the grass grows, but that’s not the point that I’m getting at. As someone who is more than keen in finding a career in journalism, it becomes more and more difficult to remain undeterred by people like Morgan who share my aspired profession. As a person who evidently values money over the lives of respected human beings fighting for our country, he represents the black mark that smudges the reputation of journalism. Ironically, journalists are mediated by other journalists who cry to the public over how honesty in the reporting circuit his hard to find, with writers merely looking for a story and nothing more.

This perception angers me, as it must do with the majority of journalists who enjoy their work and see it as an art form, as well as an adored occupation. Stories such as The News Of The World phone hacking scandal, in which Piers Morgan is also accused of doing, signifies the disgraceful and abhorrent minority of broadcasters and communicators who strive so hard for a newsworthy story that they forget their own personal norms and identity. Perhaps this is just part of the game? Maybe some will argue that I too, if I am fortunate to join the elite circuit, will fall victim to abusing and mocking those in order to extract information or breaking all manner of conduct in order to get a story?

Simply, I think not. Morals are something you carry with you over your life and that rarely get away from you. Momentarily, we all have slips of morality and personal obedience to our own conscious knowledge of right and wrong. However, I strongly believe that it takes a large shift in brain chemistry and environment to know when your wrongs can be breached and your rights ignored. As for Piers Morgan, his deficiency is clear. He is an insincere, autocratic and entirely vile excuse for a human specimen that shames journalists as an entity. He epitomizes everything wrong with journalists and everything immoral and sadistic about the humankind.

So Piers, you can carry on publishing hoax photographs, abusing people on twitter and you can continue to wedge yourself further and further up Robin Van Persie’s arse. I’m taking the high road that most honest and artistic journalists take. If I’m not successful on the way, at least I never have to be mentioned under the same breath as you.

Most people are hardwired with a moral sense of consciousness. Piers Morgan is the diluted and evil exception. – Listen to what we have to say!


2 thoughts on “Seriously, Is There A Bigger Scumbag On Earth Than Piers Morgan?

  1. You’re absolutely right I don’t think there is a bigger cretin than Piers Morgan, except for Larry King. I think it’s pretty clear why they choose pondscum for this show. He absolutely disgusts me.

  2. While I agree with the basis that he is a scumbag, you should not say “innocent British soldier”, as no soldier is innocent. Civilians, yes, but not active military personnel. That being said, he should still have been brought to trial for inciting the attacks.

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