Caught in the Crossfire. Shots that you’ll find difficult to avoid.

 Most of todays music seems to be finger tipping the minor and underground audio outputs of regional teenage bedrooms. Even with the backing of a dedicated and motivated record label, band ethic and stripped down talent, it’s a hard business to crack. Having said that, Caught in the Crossfire seem to be shooting their way in at a fast velocity. Will the toughest industry in the world wave the white flag and surrender to the Salisbury based band?

Statistically, eighty five percent of bands fail to part the seas keeping them from their ultimate target of being a successful band. The majority either play victim to each other, becoming their own demise as their friendships labour and fray overtime. Or the collective members don’t have the innate ability to catch the ears of their listeners alight. Whatever the outcome, the application and persistence numerically swings the way of Ol’ Yellow, and dreams soon become part time jobs and alternative career choices.

However, the inventiveness and fortuitous characteristics of the new music business always props up glimmers of hope and ability with select groups and artists, that unfortunately only seem to make attenuated appearances. Wiltshire originated collective Caught in the Crossfire have subjected the rising Bristol music scene to their friendly fire, and taking many casualties in the process. After only one solitary year since their first gig as a small Salisbury arts centre, Caught In The Crossfire have festered their way as far as The Joiners in Southampton, to Redfest, Bristol.

Made up of Vocalist Sadie Lee Cooper, guitarists Josh Mobaraki and Same Pearcey, bass player Luke Bennet and animalistic drummer Ian Grinter, the five-piece have recently completed a support slots touring with MiddleNameKill and City stereo. With new seeds being planted, the band are hoping for new stages of their musical career to sprout in the next year. With Dead Famous Records, Caught In The Crossfire have turned the amps down and wiped the sweat off their foreheads for the time being as they concentrate on their debut LP.

Echoing the harmonic post-rock sounds of acts like Explosions In The Sky and The Joy Formidable, and the vocal dispositions of pop-punk/rock groups such as Box Car Racer and Death Cab For Cutie,  Caught In The Crossfire are something to be desired. With a raw intensity live on the stage that ranges from their soft stripped down plucked guitar sounds, to the assailing wall of post-rock feedback, Caught In The Crossfire spring across the stage with smiles plastered on their faces. The flocculent harmonies and licks of the guitars compliment the alluringly mezzo-soprano vocals of Sadie Lee Cooper, and narrow the exclusivity of the bands sound. Following the wall of astonishing melodic resonance of a Caught In The Crossfire performance, listeners are left with goosebumps stamped on their arms, and memorable post-punk tunes streamed into their phonological loop. And they wont be pressing the shuffle button anytime soon.

As the harsh competitive essence of the music industry increases, the convention is that band after band go unrecognised. Even after years of trying to puncture what seems like an unbreakable skin, the efforts of a group lead to their disintegration. However, Caught In The Crossfire will be taking their Salisbury sound internationally. The post-rock troop have penciled in a performance at the German Rock Awards for the 18th of November. With an ever surging regional and international fan base, endlessly enriching sound and vivacious characteristics, one of those rare breakthrough occasions seems to be coming over the horizon.

In tracks like ‘Waves’ and ‘Although We Don’t Believe, We Breath’, Caught In The Crossfire bring all of the submerged coruscate melodies of vocal pop-punk, fused with the thumping snare fills and thrashing guitar riffs of post-rock. Each member of the Salisbury quintet compliments the other, harmonising and gelling together without dispute or disruption. Effortlessly, the youthful teenage complexion and romantic nostalgia of their songs underlines their enchanting and energetic presence to the listener.

Every band has a moment in their career where they are told whether they have got what it takes to writhe their way into the inner circle of the most emulous business in the world. Caught In The Crossfire find themselves in a position where they can knock and the door and await their fate. Instead, they’ll try to break the door down entirely, just because thats how the cognition of the post-rock fivesome works. With the brimful backing of their Bristol based record label, Dead Famous Records, and their inspiring dauntlessness, Caught In The Crossfire wont be doing anything quietly for some time to come.

Yes, statistically, eighty five percent of bands do not make it into the industry that they have dreamed of since formation. Every band with a flicker of potential and ardor dream of headlining Glastonbury, or replicating what their charlatans did before them, and eventually find themselves stacking shelves at Comet. When it comes down to Caught In The Crossfire? Well, I’m with the minority statistic on this one.


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