Frightening music: The kind of sounds that make your hairs stand on end for more reasons than you might think.

 In a time where generic music is created to appeal to people in a way that Roald Dahl books and ryvita do to a wide target market, the edge seems to have been lost with todays sounds. Yeah, you can rap about gang fights, and create a synth line over why your marriage may be failing, but the modern day world has forgotten just how scary and haunting music could be. Reopening the past halloween time capsule, which bands sent shivers down your spine, and kept you awake for night after night?

 GG Allin: If listening to hard grinding punk rock portraying the positive images and angles of misogyny, pedophilia and brutal national racism isn’t enough to send you knitting baskets, then GG Allin’s live shows would. Birth name Jesus Christ Allin, often took an irregular and disturbing amount of laxatives before going on stage, allowing his deification to be one of his trademarks. Mixing body surfing and last nights bubble and squeak is a bad decision, even at halloween.

Deftones: Californian alternative metal rocker Deftones left teachers and TA’s over in the United States quaking in the elbow patched tweed blazers after their 2001 single “Back to School”. Tripped out rap lines textured over a think blanket of nu metal drop D guitar riffs made a combination that left the threat of teenage revelation in US schools. If anything, having American grunge kids running one of the richest and most powerful nations on the planet is a terrifying thought for us all.

Salem: Minimalist threesomes who like taking ketamine and leaving their hair unbrushed don’t sound so frightening at first. However, when they manage cocaine-coat and dazzle their tunes in post-drug influence, fitted with a trancing house beat and dreary poetry, the tripping effect bounces on to the listener. The unlikely villain, that will keep your dopamine levels knotted around the corners of your ceiling.

Cradle of Filth: Perhaps a comical choice, but it’s always nice to follow holiday traditions. Lead singer of the Suffolk based extreme metal group, Dani Filth, truly believes he is of vampire origin, a topic in which he became subject to ridicule for on Nevermind The Buzzcocks. If wearing ass-less chaps and drinking fake menstrual blood isn’t your cup of tea, then steer clear of the Filth residence this halloween.

Joy Division: After a brief and glorious chapter of punk music, Joy Division were spilt on to the pages of our British music history. The soulless tenor of Ian Curtis’ vocals, steady punk rhythms of Stephen Morris and harmonic intertwines of Peter Hooks bass lines and Bernard Sumners punk guitar playing, sent early teenagers hiding behind their sofas when they debuted on Tony Wilson’s Granada Reports. The such shadow like and minor tendencies of the band ultimately led to the bands demise.

These New Puritans: Timpani bangs, immersed brass sections and chilling melodic woodwind sections, covering a post-punk basement of talent and anger. Resembling that of execution music, enough to curdle the blood and blow out the candle light. A frightening group that may worm their way into dark band hall of fame.

The Horrors: From their dance-punk and post modern rock early birth, to the illustrious and heart glooming in limbo period of Primary Colours, the Southend on Sea group have always had a glimmer of the dark arts about them. Even now with their self produced effort Skying, Faris Badwan and co still spider along the musical spectrum, dipping their toes into the forbidden and frightening. Thunderous reverb, brash throaty punk vocals and clasping bass guitar create an aphotic output.

Soft Kill: A video with singing skeletons coursing the lyrics of “a death in the family”, with a choir like electro indie rock texture. Nebulous noises and halting harmonies that creepy up the back of your neck, and fester inside your ears. A nightmarish like band, something to haunt your dreams over the rainy halloween season.

Horrid Red: Gloomy asphyxiation’s tampered into a tenor and minimal German indie band. We all know that there’s a strong bondage between Germans and things that are frightening. Lederhosen, complete organisation and efficiency, and of course, the obvious and dreaded sauerbraten, commonly known as the German pot roast. The twanging and contrastive efforts of Horrid Red and something to be admired.

Bring me the Horizon. Conventionally to a metal screamo band, death and all things associated with unheard of wins a prize for this sort of list. The Sheffield based bands early offerings sacrificed the hearing of many with the penetrating pig throated squeal of Oli Sykes. Thrashing metal riffs over that piercing voice still crumble the marrow and splinter the bones of many today.


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