I’m now a published writer!

Well, I’ve not been doing this blog, and I know it’s been a while since I really picked anything up on it, which was due to exams and revision, but the impossible has happened. If you look at my latest entry, then you’ll know that I was asked personally by an old work experience colleague of mine, that I was asked to act as a member of press to review the launching of a new record label. Having written my review, I sent it Oli Brand, my contact, and he has got it published on the Newsletter at the college.

Better still, I’ve contacted more people. I’ve written to Thekla, a small music venue in Bristol who have seen the likes of Blood Red Shoes, Yeasayer, Chapel Club, Metronomy and many other amazing acts take to their small stage. I’ve also contacted BBC Wiltshire, and the Wiltshire Music centre, to see if they can do anything for me, as a writer, and for the college, as well as Noiz Noiz Noiz themselves. Anyway, my breakthrough came from The Ocelot, a small music based magazine targeting the South West. They’ve told me that the review is going on their website, and a segment may be going in their magazine.

Well, I’ll get writing again, and see what come of my work 🙂


Cheers guys.


Next week: The Vaccines review (which I did ages ago but never got ’round to uploading it). And an interview with Noiz Noiz Noiz DJ Soliloquy on the launching of Noiz Noiz Noiz and Electronic Education.


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